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The Ballerina

by: Emma Still

Lights illuminate a dark and silent stage.

A lone silhouette emerges from the shadows and walks with delicate steps to the center of the stage.

Soft classical music wafts through the room.

The figure begins to move with swift, graceful movements.

From first position to fifth, she proceeds with elegance.

A waterfall of pink and glitter flows from her waist and pools at her feet.

The beautiful skirt intertwined with string and pearls captivates all who look upon it.

Her bubblegum pink top pops in the spotlight.

A tight bun sits atop her head, bringing her face into full focus.

She leaps through the air, utilizing techniques only years of practice and discipline can teach.

As the music wanes, she finishes her mesmerizing performance with a final plie and spin.

An impressed audience rewards her with a standing ovation as she bows.

She is filled with utter joy as she realizes all of her hard work has finally paid off.

A single drop of joy rolls down her cheek, for she has achieved her dream.

She is determined and strong, sophisticated and poised.

She is... the ballerina.


I hoped you all enjoyed my writing! My theatre class had to write a monologue based off of a piece of art one of the art students created, and I decided to share it here. A picture of the piece I based my writing on is displayed above my work. Feel free to share this with anyone you believe would enjoy it!

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